The Email List – Step 2 – Your Autoresponder

Once you have decided the Niche Market you want to work in then you need a way to send emails to a List you have created. An autoresponder is a tool that automates sending emails that saves time and energy on your part. The autoresponder stores all of the email address that you have collected as you drive traffic to the product/s that you are promoting.

As you set up campaigns that are focused on the products you are promoting your autoresponder can send emails about other related products to increase your return.

I use Send Shark to handle my Email Marketing which has an excellent response rate. It also has a business component that you can also increase your income return.

Having a way to handle your emails is an important step in building your business but where do the emails come from? This will be covered in the next posting, but for now, let’s just focus on using your autoresponder to get the best results.

Much of the knowledge you need to gain can be found in the helps videos and trainings are found in Send Shark once you join up. When to send, how often to send, and what copy to use in the email will be discussed later in the more advanced training later.

Your Autoresponder is one of the most valuable tools that you have in business. The Lists its stores are the Life Blood of your Marketing Business. As you add more follow-up emails to your campaigns the potential to earn much income grows.

As a starting point, I will give email templates that you can use to fit most marketing situations that you will find as you start out. The timing of these emails is also something I will discuss later but for now, you should send out an email every day to your list for promoting or just to say Hi. Once you join Send Shark I will be able to give you my email templates that will get you started.

It is important that you start slowly so you do not get overloaded. In all my training there is a systematic approach that should be followed so as not to get burnt out.

Look forward to helping you get started,

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