The Email List – Step 1 – What Market?

How do you get an Email List when you first start out?

The first thing you need to decide is what market or ‘niche’ you are going to try to market to. This might be something you are passionate about or just something you see people need. It does make a difference what you decide on because what you are looking for is where is the greatest market that you sell into. To make this easier for you I will suggest some further down in this article.

There is a number of ways that will help you decide, and these I will set out here.

Google gives a simple way of finding things to market to by just typing in the name of a product or service and seeing just how many entries are shown. You need to be a bit specific because you will get all kinds of responses. There are more advanced ways to use Google but these will be explored later.

Clickbank is a marketing place where many Online Marketers sell their products and services, so it too is a good way to see what people are looking for. This is because those Marketers have already tested the market and have aimed their sales in that direction. At the bottom of this article, I will place links to these types of sites.

If you have a Google Account you might like to see how you can use their niche word finder to see the most searched key-word entered for each category in their listings. I just re-entered a new account and they have a streamlined method of setting up an Ad account so try it and find out for yourself.

Here are some places you can go to find your best marketplace: –

Google: – If you have a Google Account use this link to open it; if not you can create an account with the same link;

Clickbank: – Clickbank Market Place is the section you need to go to to see which products rank the highest. Look for more teachings later on how to better use Market Place to increase your effectiveness;

JV-Zoo: – This Site has many products that you can promote. I will add a link to a Key-word Search program that should assist you in your developing your business model. Keysearch Starter will give you a tool to help in your niche search;

PayDotCom: – has many products that are exclusive to its own site which can sell well if you promote them;

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