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The Email List – Step 4 – Get It Together

Are you a beginner? Then there are a number of steps to follow to begin to build a profitable business. Taking simple steps and not trying to run ahead is the best way to not get all confused. If you have followed the previous ‘Steps’ then you are in a place to establish what you have begun. Below I will go into more things you can do to increase your skills as an Internet Marketer.

Maybe you have already had some experience in marketing and have jumped forward in these ‘Steps’. Just read what I have placed below to make sure you are not missing any steps that will improve your efforts.

Let’s go through the steps so far.

First, you need to decide your “Target Group” that you will approach with your business idea. This is often called your ‘avatar’. When I first heard this term I had great difficulty in relating to what this meant. If you are a ‘gamer’ then it probably is just second nature as to what this is. Initially, it is a graphic that represents you. In marketing, it refers to all that a certain group of people has in common and the product you are selling they really need.

Second, the tools you will need. An autoresponder to send the emails which, will tell you Avatar what you are selling. I spoke about having email templates that I would give you to get started. But repurposing these emails is a whole course on its own which I can go into later. I have a special deal regarding these email templates so watch later for them.

Third, having an Optin Page that has a good lead magnet to build your ‘List’ is the next important tool. This is one of the most important parts of the puzzle. It is also the part that can stop most people. Although I have been a Marketing for many years now I am a novice to the one I have as a mentor. I will share this in more detail in another lesson later.

Now I hear you saying ‘all this good and well but there is a lot of things you haven’t talked about?’. True that is because becoming a Marketer is not an overnight thing. If I give too much information here then you will just too confused. It is better for you to have the basics and then come back later for the rest.

I have another way that you can follow that follows these same steps in just one package. Of course, there is a small investment at the beginning but if you are training yourself for a new business it is necessary to invest in yourself to succeed.

I have great confidence in this program and vouch for its value. I have been with this company almost from the beginning. It is a company with over 20 years in Online Marketing so I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Use the link below, fill out the form (an Optin Page), and follow the directions that come up in your browser.

Build Your Email List

I look forward to helping you as you set out in your new business.