Why Have Your Own Business?

Having Control of What You Do

The most important part of becoming independent financially is to have control of the processes that generate the framework of your business. So often you are offered a “quick fix”, “one-stop”, “all you need”, package that may cost an “arm and a leg”.

The most important thing you need to succeed in business is a determination to do what is necessary so that you don’t get side-tracked into some “get rich quick” scheme. Making money online is not that difficult but being focused on simple tasks and knowing it does take time and effort.

In this Newsletter I will share what I have learned from the best in the field, some of my own Mentors. If you have been doing Marketing for any length of time some of these hints will be familiar so just move on to the next steps. Make sure though that you understand the importance of each step or you might make unfortunate mistakes.

So how will these steps be set out?

Having your own Email List is the First Step in being in control of the income that you receive from your business. Sending Traffic to that Email List is the second part of that First Step. Creating the emails that you send out is the next part.

Having the means to handle all those Emails you will send is the next part of the First Step. I will share what I use because it works well.

Now so that you have something of value to offer in those Emails you will need to find Products and Services that have a good return. I have found many that you will be introduced to through this Newsletter so look out for them.

More advanced methods of Marketing will appear over time and these will add “cream” to your Marketing Experience.

Looking forward to moving you into profit mode soon,
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